Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Preview

We here at Xbox Addict were invited to head down to Los Angeles this past week to get some hands on time with COD: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer (MP for short). This also included some play time with COD Modern Warfare Remastered MP and the new cooperative zombies mode for Infinite Warfare called Zombies in Spaceland. All of this was in conjunction with COD XP 2016, an event that’s not only meant to promote everything COD, including the game, but it is also a fundraiser for Call of Duty Endowment, which assists military veterans to obtain jobs after being in active service.

COD XP (yes we know the PS4 logo is in a pic in an article on an Xbox centric site) is a juggernaut of an event (see what I did there?). It is true celebration of everything that is COD, and the pubic gets to experience it all. From playing the upcoming game(s), taking part in a paintball match on a real life Nuketown, flying in a Jackal using PSVR, or zip lining across the venue, there is a lot for the estimated 10,000 attendees to do. There is also the big COD World Championships, and after four days of playing COD: Black Ops III multiplayer, Team EnVyUs Walked away with the championship trophy anda cool $800,000. So with that being said, and after the final piece of tinker tape and party paper finally hit the ground to celebrate the big show, we found some time to put our impressions of EVERYTHING, video gaming wise, that we got to play at the event in writing, which includes Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, and Zombies in Spaceland.


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