Evolve Launch Party – Toronto

This past week the Xbox Playdates Canada team attended the launch event for Evolve where we took on the roles of Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support to take on one of the first monsters of the night. Jumping in without doing some basic training had us all flailing around figuring out the controls, where the monster was and what all our abilities could do.

Our biggest mistake was getting a bit too far from each other to back each other up, which gave us quite a few close calls as well yelled at each other on stage trying to communicate to each other as the head sets weren’t set up for voice communication which made it a bit more chaotic. We eventually got our bearings and ran for a generator that became susceptible to attack by the Monster. Hopefully, we could lure it there and take down the beast and it was going really well until JohnnyXeo went down in a blaze of glory while putting a whole lot of hurt on the Monster. It wasn’t enough and after that the Monster slowly took down the team one by one with NorthernZoot, Kiesey and deadbl0w going down shortly after. Our first attempt at Evolve failed miserably, but, we did learn a lot about the strategy of this game to bring us to the end.

After going through some stations set up throughout the venue, learning the ins and outs of Evolve we were left with the impression that the game will definitely be lots of fun when you got some buddies to play with but may not be as fun jumping online with randoms or even playing with bots. We equated the game a little bit to Titanfall where a strong online component without a solid single player campaign could leave the game a little bit lackluster in the long haul. Time will only tell in that respect but we did have a blast at the event and with the game while we had some hands on. Be sure to check out the photo gallery below.


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