Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Out Now on Xbox One, Here’s What You Need to Know

Today marks the launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 on Xbox One. Right now, agents all around the world are deploying to the dangerous streets of post-pandemic Washington, D.C., and fighting to reclaim the capital. Whether you’re exploring solo or running with a crew of up to three other players, the seamless online open world of The Division 2 is brimming with stories to discover and challenges to overcome, and it’s all enhanced for Xbox One X — for more on the visual and technical improvements that make The Division 2 run smoother, look better, and load faster on Xbox One X, check out this Xbox One X Enhanced feature for The Division 2, and read on for more on what awaits you in D.C.

The Division 2 ScreenshotThe Division 2 Screenshot

Seven months after the Green Poison decimated the nation and brought NYC to its knees, it’s summer in Washington. With society still in shambles, overgrown plants and curious wildlife share the streets with resilient survivors and vicious gangs. As a Division Agent, you are the last hope to get the city back on its feet; that means helping improvised settlements grow stronger and more self-sufficient; establishing and upgrading your Base of Operations in the White House; and systematically rooting out the violent factions that have laid claim to entire neighborhoods. The Division 2’s richly detailed recreation of Washington is full of unexpected encounters, intriguing stories, and revealing details to uncover as you explore, fight, and progress towards the formidable Endgame.

The Division 2 ScreenshotThe Division 2 Screenshot

To accomplish your goals, you’ll need firepower. As you loot and customize new weapons, unlock and experiment with new skills, and craft and combine gear for impactful bonuses, you’ll grow stronger and take on bigger challenges. Of course, it never hurts to have an ally or three, and teaming up in cooperative play over Xbox Live Gold is a great way to open up new strategic possibilities. You can find friendly agents to team up with at in-game safe areas like your Base of Operations, Settlements, and Safe Houses, or you can hunt hostile agents and enemy factions in the three Dark Zones for a chance at earning some valuable loot. And if it’s straight-up competitive multiplayer you prefer, the PvP modes offer their own ranking system and rewards.

The Division 2 ScreenshotThe Division 2 Screenshot

Your skills and savvy will serve you well once you reach the endgame, when the arrival of the toughest enemy faction yet will put your talents to the test. The Black Tusks are a high-tech threat, and to answer them, you’ll choose a Specialization and unlock a powerful new weapon: a sniper rifle, explosive crossbow, or grenade launcher. Each specialization has its own skill tree that will allow you to further customize your playstyle.

The Division 2 ScreenshotThe Division 2 Screenshot

And there’s more in store. From new enemy strongholds and map expansions to a franchise-first eight-player raid, The Division 2 will be regularly updated throughout the coming year with more challenges, more stories, and more rewards.

Grab The Division 2 from the Microsoft Store today and join your fellow agents in the fight for Washington, D.C.

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